A Traditional Non Ferrous Brass Foundry

#TV / FILM Specialists

Monkmans Foundry for Small Volume , Traditional – Brass & Lead Casting

One of very few Traditional Small Foundrys in Yorkshire – Specialsing in the production of high quality ferrous and non-ferrous Bespoke and Volume Castings in Lead, Bronze and Non ferrous materials . Specialist work for private, commercial and the film industry.

film tv non ferrous casting foundry bradford monkmans

Film / TV Props

We have undertaken commissions for Film Set Props – most famously the Harry Potter & Davinci Code Films

brass lead casting foundry yorkshire


We cast various sizes of metal ranging from 1 inch to 7 foot long with various shapes and sizes.



We can undertake many commissions in Local, Government and Private Sectors

heavy mining plant bearings casting

Bearings Casting

High quality cast bearings for heavy machinery used in Mining, Quarry and similar operations

film tv non ferrous casting foundry bradford monkmans


We offer a fantastic polishing service, which is one of the best in the country..

film tv non ferrous casting foundry bradford monkmans

Pattern Making

Our main types of moulding sands are green sand and air set sand.



Many kinds of Ornamental Castings Work for Developments and Personal properties.


Lead Castings

Any lead pattern / sand mould to your exact specification such as plaques and signs and much more!

Brass Foundry WORKS

Some of our Recent Works at Monkmans Brass Foundry Bradford.

Experts in Traditional Non Ferrous Metal


Almost lost Traditional Methods

We offer our unique and highly skilled services to a number of industries  – for Personal, Housing Developments, Commercial, Marine, Councils, Film & TV, Rail – to name but a few !

Railway to mARINE TO FILM

We can produce patterns to individual specifications, we use loose patterns and our main types are: Moulding Sands are Green Sand and Air Set Sand.

Various sizes of metal castings are used ranging from 1 inch to 7 foot long, for a variety of shapes and sizes

You may Have Seen Our Work Already!

As one of the only surviving small foundrys in the Yorkshire area, we are proud to say that we service the film and TV industry with bespoke and unique articles that may be regularly seen on your screens