About Us

We offer our unique and highly skilled services to a number of industries listed below – for Personal, Housing Developments, Commercial, Marine, Councils, Film &  TV, Rail – to name but a few !

Industry Applications

  • Rail – Trains signs usually replica sign of bygone years.
  • Engineering – Steam valves, Impellers and Phosphor Bronze Bearings.
  • Film Sets – Film Prop Castings – most famously the Harry Potter & Davinci Code Films
  • Commercial Use – Various signs including Imitation Victorian Road, walking and cycle Sign
  • Marine – Pumps & Bearings
  • Boats – Brass Boat Signs, seen on the side of Canal Boats.
  • Local Councils – War Memorial Signs.
  • Domestic Use – All bespoke signs catered for.

Metals Cast

  • Aluminum– Grade LM4, LM6, LM25 Aluminum is a light weight alloy used for a variety of castings. Ranging from heavy castings to light weight thin plates–1” to7ft in length, ½ kg to 50 kg
  • Brass– Grade SCB3, SCB4, Naval & High Tensile Brass, Brass is used outdoor applications for example boat signs, small impellors, window locks and roof clamps etc…
  • BronzeS: Aluminum & Phosphor – Grade AB1, AB2, PB1,PB2, LPB1, LPB2 Gear manufacture, Wheel bearings and various Valves.
  • Gun Metal– Grade LG1, LG2, LG3,LG4 Valves & Impellors, Military Signs.
  • Lead – Ballast weights for boats and other marine vessels.


Patterns are either provided by our Customers or we can produce patterns to individual specifications, we use loose patterns and our main types are: Moulding Sands are Green Sand and Air Set Sand.

Various sizes of metal castings are used ranging from 1 inch to 7 foot long, for a variety of shapes and sizes.