Castings Work

Traditional casts in various sizes of metal ranging from 1 inch to 7 foot

We can undertake commissions for many types of castings – below are some examples of the castings we provide for different industries:

  • Rail – Trains signs usually replica sign of bygone times.
  • Engineering – Steam valves, Impellers and Phosphor Bronze Bearings.
  • Film Sets – Film Prop Castings – most famously the Harry Potter & DaVinci Code Films
  • Commercial Use – Various signs including Imitation Victorian Road, walking and cycle Sign
  • Marine – Pumps & Bearings
  • Boats – Brass Boat Signs, seen on the side of Canal Boats.
  • Local Councils – War Memorial Signs.
  • Domestic Use – All bespoke signs catered for..

We can preduce castings and patterns for vintage car parts.
The Majority of the patterns we use are loose patterns and our main types of moulding sands are green sand and air set sand

We cast various sizes of metal ranging from 1 inch to 7 foot long with various shapes and sizes. Some of our customers provide their own patterns to produce their own individual castings.

The picture below is of the refurbishment works of harrogate bus stations that we undertook..